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Roofing is the 3rd most dangerous trade in the United States

Asphalt Emulsion Cool Roof System

At Superior Roofing Systems safety is always our number one priority.  We invest heavily in state-of-the-art safety equipment to make sure that our roofing family always makes it home safe to their families.

As a building owner, it is imperative to know that the contractor you've hired takes safety seriously.

Superior Roofing Systems follows all OSHA mandated guidelines.  We conduct regular safety meetings, surprise safety audits, and have strict policies in place to solidify our safety culture within our organization.

Our safety program includes roof-top safety, fall protection, heavy equipment training, and vehicle safety training.


Superior Roofing Systems carries millions in liability insurance to ensure peace of mind for our customers.


Superior Assists Commercial Clients in More Ways


We tailor customized solutions for our asset owners in order to maximize the roofs useful life and reduce unplanned costs and downtime for tenants. We assist commercial and industrial clients with a few locations to hundreds of locations in order to maintain quality, protect against upcoming issues and keep a safe environment for your customers.

Property Management Services

We'll work side-by-side with you to assist on proposals, property management restrictions or guidelines, and attend any meetings that help you move quickly.

Maintenance Service Plans

Our service plans can prepare and prevent upcoming "fire drill" issues by having a technician identify issues while performing regularly scheduled maintenance.  Most leaks are unfortunately identified during a storm.  We are here to help you prevent leaks before they happen.  

Recent Commercial Clients


Experience Is On Your Side

You can count on Superior Roofing for all your commercial and residential roofing-related needs. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, or building owner, Superior Roofing Systems offers unmatched customer service and experience to guide you through the roofing process. Our services include assessing roof damage after storms, performing complimentary inspections, repairing leaks, and performing preventative maintenance. Superior Roofing Systems works with government agencies, subcontractors, HOA's, property managers, & large complexes.

Schedule a Complimentary Roof Inspection with Superior Roofing Systems

Conveniently located in Anaheim, the heart of Orange County, our team of experienced roofing professionals provides roofing services to residential and commercial properties throughout Southern California. This includes Orange County, Riverside County, San Diego County, and Los Angeles County, among others.


Contact us at (714) 557–5077 or schedule an appointment for a complimentary roof inspection today.

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