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Signs your commercial roof may need to be replaced

· Granule accumulation around drains and low-lying areas: On a roof with a granulated cap sheet surface, the granules are used to provide durability, UV protection, and traction to the roof surface. As the roof ages, those granules start to become dislodged and will eventually expose the underlying asphalt layer. Once this process starts it expands exponentially and compromises the waterproofing integrity of the roof.

· Surface of single ply membrane shows transparency and fibers within: On a single ply roof system, seeing a sign of transparency and fibers within is a certain sign that membrane needs to be restored or replaced very soon. Typically, single ply membranes will last anywhere between 10-20 years depending on the climate zone. Dry, arid, and more heavily UV exposed climates tend to degrade single ply membrane more rapidly, especially TPO. Once the protective coating on your single ply material has degraded, your roof is no longer protected and will need attention soon.

· Exposed asphalt on a “built up” roofing system: On a built-up roofing system, gravel is generally used in the final pass to protect the roof from UV rays and add to its durability. Over time those rocks can become dislodged and get washed away exposing the underlying asphalt. With the underlying asphalt exposed it will crack over time and eventually lead to water intrusion. Areas of a built-up roofing system where gravel has been cleared away and not replaced, is a tell-tale sign of a previous roofing issue that was not repaired properly.


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